Clear Care software is the chosen EVV application of Sonia Inc that compiles with all state and federal mandates. The Clear Care application will be responsible for collection of the 6 data point elements required by state and federal law.

What is EVV?

E.V.V. stands for Electronic Visit Verification. Electronic Visit Verification is a method used to verify in-home services for consumers. The system will assist in quality service provision and reporting integrity.

What are the 6 data point elements that EVV is required to collect?

The 6 data points are:

  1. Type of Service
  2. Individual receiving the service
  3. Date of Service
  4. Location of Service
  5. Individual providing the service
  6. Begin and end times of service

What state and federal mandates does this software have to comply with?

Clear care is compliant with the 21st Century CURES Act, signed into law in 2016 which requires all states to set up an EVV system and capture the 6 data point elements. To learn more about the mandate, click here to visit the Department of Developmental Service (DDS) website. Link:

What do I (the Consumer / Consumer family) need to do?

As the first step, consumer families will need to submit an EVV Consent form to Sonia Inc. This form is needed to participate and be in compliance with the EVV mandate.

What do I (the Provider) need to do?​

As a Respite Care Provider for Sonia Inc, our training team will be scheduling you very soon for EVV Clear Care Training. This applies to Routine and Preferred providers.

What is the Deadline for mandatory use of the Clear Care Application?

January 1st, 2022

Is Sonia Inc the only company doing EVV?

No, per state and federal mandates all Respite companies in the state of California must be in compliance by January 1st, 2022.

To learn more about EVV and Clear Care,
Watch the video below:

About EVV and Clear Care Video in English

Acerca del video sobre EVV y Clear Care en español