Payment Information

Pay schedule

Please refer to this roster for timesheet due dates and 2018 paydates. This roster is for both Full-Service and Self-Service respite programs. Timesheets need to be in our office by noon on the due dates, even if the due date is a weekend or holiday. This roster also includes our holiday schedule when the office will be closed.

Direct deposit form

Please mail this form into the office along with a voided check to sign up for Direct Deposit. The form has editable regions and can be filled out on your computer. Make sure you print and sign the ‘signature’ line of the form or we cannot process it. Also, your name must be printed on the check or we cannot process it. Once we receive the form and your voided check, it generally takes one pay period for it to be processed and your Direct Depost to start.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have regarding this information.